Startup Experience

Recently I guest blogged at one of senior/friend/fellow entrepreneur’s blog on my thoughts of starting up while studying. Nobody said startup is easy.

In the post i wrote:

However, as mentioned, many a times, success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go. The fun and satisfaction from running a startup is greatly rewarding. You build something from scratch, you make an impact on someone else’s life, you grow something that belongs to you, and you have the say on how you want it done. The satisfaction derived is something that normal corporate jobs could not offer.

Which is true (well because it comes from me and I feel that its true). Well managing Lunchsparks, something interesting happened today and yesterday.

1. Someone send jobs@lunchsparks a job application without us posting any ads or we never let the words out that we are hiring. Interesting. =)

2. I received a threat email from an anonymous sender:

First of all, concept can’t be copyrighted. If it can, look at all the deals site which sprung up after Groupon (no offense to all deals site).

Secondly, when you put yourself in the anonymous’ sender’s shoe, under what circumstance would you send the email? I believe that I would only send a ‘warning’ to someone whom I donno across the internet if I were a competitor in the same space. So I think he is another Lunchsparks in stealth mode. Or I could be wrong.

It also mean one thing, when you get warnings like this from some anonymous, it means, you are moving in the right direction. =)

You think?