Everyone is looking for developers

In today’s world everything is revolving around technology. It makes our lives easier and more convenient. Naturally, people will be demanding more and more of these kind of these convenience. With daily problems to solve, everyone is thinking of new innovative solutions to these problems, and hoping that their solution would be the next big thing.

This creates an increased demand for guys who are good in computer science and hence, you get this:

While it may look like there is excess demand for tech guys, but the actual fact is that, there are too many founders that is creating these demand. So the million dollar question is, how do you address these demands properly, and how do you turn these into opportunities? You tell me. =)

I wish Im a geek. If i were given a choice to choice my field of studies again, Ill definitely go for Computer Science.

For those that are looking for tech cofounders, go out there at networking events and talk to the people around you about your idea, who knows you might just meet that someone who is interested. =) Or drop me a note, I might know someone. =)