What have I been up to the past few weeks?

Been neglecting this blog for a while now: Was busy settling into my new job as well as rolling out a side project I was working on.


So yes, in case you havent heard, I am currently working for Popcorn, a mobile cinema showtimes app. The app allows you to easily browse and search for all the movie showtimes at your favourite cinema.

popcorn app


  1. My role in the company? Business development + Sales + PR + Fund raising.
  2. What’s so cool about the company? We have about 850,000 total downloads to date, something which attracted me to the company in the first place. And nobody is disrupting the movie/cinema industry in Singapore.
  3. How big is the team? I work alongside the CEO and the CTO. I’m the first hire.
  4. Where’s the office? Orchard road. So hit me up for coffee if you are around the area.
  5. How’s work so far? Stressful and exciting. While I have been writing all these while, it feels good to be in the game in the real world, making things happen.

It’s been 1 month since I left e27 and joined Popcorn. So what have I done so far?

  1. Launched the company website: popcornapp.co
  2. Closed 3 advertising deal (mixture of CPA and CPM)
  3. Partnering with 3 other companies for marketing campaign
  4. Set up meetings with several media agencies as well as film distribution companies

We are onto something really excited so expect to hear more news from us soon.

Vulcan Print

Another thing which I was working on is Vulcan Print. It’s an ebook teaching first time entrepreneurs how to reach out to journalists in Southeast Asia. Often times I get questions from new startups on how they should go about pitching to journalists. So I decided that I should turn it into an ebook. I have always wanted to publish a book, and now I’ve got that checked off my list.

ImageIt comes at $4.99 (the price of a mcdonalds) or you can get it for free when you share it on your social networks. I’ve spent every night in the past few months working on it (so do support if you can!), so I’m quite happy how it turns out, although the reach is lesser and smaller than what I would have expected. Probably because I havent pushed hard for it yet.

There’s a bigger vision for Vulcan Print. We want to be the ebook publisher and platform for Asia.

And I am working on that.