Taking Life for Granted

Recently was busy studying and preparing for exams hence the lack of updates the past few days. Exam really sucks. I was just sharing with a few friends that life sort of stopped because of exam preparation. Before this, there are events everyday and everyday is fulfilling, but because one have to prepare for exams, life just stopped and everything is focused on preparing well for the exams. Of course, it could be argued that there should also be a balance but with the society giving so much importance to academic performance, there is a societal pressure to perform well.

2 nights ago I was having a video conference chat with a junior of the NOC program who is based in Shanghai now, together with a senior in Singapore as well.

I was telling him not to take his remaining time in Shanghai for granted. For those who don’t know about the program, the NOC programme is a entrepreneurial programme by the NUS which place selected students in startup based in global entrepreneurial hubs such as the valley, Shanghai, Beijing, Stockholm, India and Israel.

Sometimes in life we tend to take life for granted. And that we always tell ourselves that there will always be tomorrow. And that we should live life today and tomorrow will worry for itself. Yes this is true, but maybe we could also push for more stuff to be done today, and not push everything till tomorrow. Because, before you know it, tomorrow is here, and you will be making plans for yet another tomorrow.

I spent too much time on unnecessary stuffs and agenda when I was in Shanghai. Too much wasted opportunities and time. Will need to make full use of my remaining time in university and do something different. =)

Time flies, so whatever you wanted to do tomorrow that you could do today, do it now.

Life is what happens when you are busy wasting it on unnecessary stuffs, such as tv. =)