Inspired by juniors

Today I was at the NOC info sharing session and 2 of my juniors of the programme shared their experience and key takeaway from the one year programme. One of it is the sharing by Jensen who went to NOC Silicon Valley and another one by Dawn, my junior from Shanghai.

In his sharing, Jensen shared 2 key things which I thought was really inspiring:

1. Startup culture vs Corporate Culture. The thing about startup culture is that, everything is new and your opinions are valued. There are space for creativity. Jensen shared that his company’s founder would always ask: “What do you think Jensen?”. And I thought this was really really good as not only it gives the employee a sense of belonging, it also opens up spaces for creativity. Thats the thing about startup that I love. Another thing is that, Jensen would always ask questions and sometimes when the founder couldnt answer, he would say: “I dont know. Thats why we are here to find out.”. Amazing.

2. When sharing about the culture in Silicon Valley where everyone worked hard and played hard, Jensen said that he learnt one thing: “Dont learn how to manage your time, manage your energy and motivation”. Essentially it means (to me) that, with energy and motivation, you would be more productive and can get more things done with lesser time. This is better that learning how to manage time, because as good you are in managing time, if the motivation/energy is not there, it would be counter productive. Definitely a new way to see things.

Jensen published a book titled the Valley lessons, and is a very talented musician/cartoonist.

In Dawn’s sharing, she shared that:

1. Travelling is 21st century’s reading. This is so true. =) Again, new ways of looking at things.

2. +1 rule. Apparently Dawn came out with a +1 rule where in everything we do, we should always strive to +1 to our goal. She gave the example of running, where she would run 5 rounds and be contented with it. However, it would be better if you could aim for 6 rounds. Another examples given was during networking event where you aim to talk to 3 new friends, but you should aim to do more than just that. Of course, this requires high level of determination and discipline, and is often easier said than done, but always reward nicely.

Definitely very happy to see the maturity and learning of some of the juniors. =)

Join in the NOC Experience. Its the best programme in NUS, if not Singapore.