Today is a good day!

Today (or maybe yesterday since its almost 3am now) was a fruitful day.

In the afternoon, I was invited to be part of the panel interviewers to interview prospective candidates that applied for the NOC program. More than a year ago I was the one being interviewed and now, I am the one at the other side of the table. Of course I enjoyed myself throughout the session, screening possible candidates that applied for what I think is the best program NUS has got to offer. =)

During the interview, there was a girl who is currently enrolled in the local NOC program, and she is applying for the overseas one. Few weeks ago, I was thinking whether should I apply for the local entrepreneurship program and leverage on it to visit Silicon Valley at the end of the program but after the interview today, I realized that NOC alumni who are looking to apply for the program again are given more expectation to perform during the interview. The interview today gave me things to ponder upon.

Other than that, I met up with 3 seniors who went to NOC Shanghai 3 or 4 years ago and was deeply motivated by them. One of them, Bryan Lee quit his job and is heading to Shanghai to startup his site. This is really awesome stuff. I really admire those who could just leave their job and go work for something he believes in. A lot is at stake, and this is not a small decision to make, especially so when you are working.

This is really cool.

When the few of them were discussing about their startup idea, it came across me that ideas can be categorized into childish ideas and matured ideas. Childish ideas to me are those that are not far sighted and those that looks only to solve a small problem or which are of minimal value creation, while matured ideas aim to solve bigger problems and value adds to the end users. Some of my ideas were childish. Also, it provides me with an alternative way to view startup products target group – either normal users, or corporate. Prior to this, I was thinking of ways to monetize my project which I am working on and it never occurred to me that we could partner with corporates! While I was listening to my seniors, it struck me that hey we can partner with corporates as well. They are loaded. 

A different perspective to look at things. Awesome stuff. =) Really glad that I left a gathering at the N-house and cabbed down to meet them.