Why you should stay in N-House

To promote entrepreneurship among the NUS students, on top of the NUS Overseas College (NOC) Programme, NUS recently set up Singapore’s first Entrepreneurial-themed residence in NUS Prince George Park’s Residence – N-House. N-House is located at Block 15 of the NUS Prince George Park’s Residence and houses about 90 entrepreneurial students, 20+ of whom are on the iLead programme as well as 60+ NOC alumnus who were on the programme based in either of these places: Silicon Valley, BioValley, Shanghai, Beijing, India, Stockholm and Israel.

What separates Block 15 from the other 20+ blocks of the NUS PGP Residences is that the block has our very own Wireless connection (others are only broadband enabled), and we have our very own lounge (VenturePad) as well as a meeting room(LaunchPad). In our lounge, we have beanbags for a lounge-ish feeling, whiteboards for discussions and brainstorming, projectors with sound system, we have a gaming area with boardgames + kinect + xbox, we have reading area with magazines + newspapers, and most importantly, we have a chill out patio which is accessible only from the lounge. Pretty cool!

So why you should stay at N-house:

1) The Community in N-House

Because the NOC programme is separated by its colleges at the different places around the world, we tend to stick with our own colleges when we come back from the NOC programme. The Silicon Valley (SV) folks with stick with the SV folks and the Shanghai folks will stick with the Shanghai folks. Its only natural. With N-House, everyone from every colleges comes together under one roof, and mingle around with one another, increasing the possibility of cross pollination of ideas. Technically inclined guys from SV alumnus can meet with the guys from Shanghai who are more inclined towards business development and marketing. For the first semester alone, near to 10 projects have been started from N-House residents.

2) The Events

The Residents Assistants and I pioneered the Wicked Wednesday series in N-House where essentially every Wednesday we have an event going on at N-House. The whole idea of Wicked Wednesday is such that, let everyone from the NOC community be known that we have an event going on at N-House on Wednesday, so that even when we are out of N-House or graduated, we can count on it that there are fun and exciting stuffs going on in N-House, and we can also drop by anytime. So far we organized pitches, get together sessions, sharing sessions by entrepreneurs, hackathons, as well as BBQs. The events value adds to the residents and we always aim to bring in entrepreneurs beyond the resident’s own network to the events so that the residents can mingle with those that are active in the Singapore startup community, and expand their own network.

So yea, for those who landed here because you are searching for “NUS N-House” and wondering whether should you apply to N-House when you come back from the NOC program, hopefully I have convinced you. We have a super cool lounge, we have exciting events, and most importantly, we have a strong community here, giving you an extended NOC experience.

For the others, N-House is only for the NOC Alumnus who have yet to graduate from NUS, as well as for all the current iLead students. N-House do admit some entrepreneurial inclined students from NUS and this is done on case by case basis. And yes, I run and pioneered the N-House events. =) Check us out at: www.nochouse.wordpress.com and feel free to ask me any questions regarding N-House or if you would like to drop by the events at N-House.

About NOC Programme:

One of the three central pillars of NUS Enterprise, NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) is an integral part of the University’s drive to infuse a spirit of enterprise into NUS education, providing NUS students with a globally-oriented educational experience. NOC’s mission is to provide NUS students with education and experience in leading entrepreneurial and academic hubs around the world. The programme targets NUS undergraduates with the academic ability and entrepreneurial drive, keen to be immersed as interns in start-ups located in leading entrepreneurial and academic hubs of the world. At the same time, they will study entrepreneurship related courses at highly prestigious partner universities. The aim is to cultivate and nurture them into enterprising, resourceful, independent self-starters and eventually blossom into successful entrepreneurs.

About iLead Programme:

The iLEAD (innovative Local Enterprise Achiever Development) Programme offers NUS students an opportunity to intern at local start-up companies and be exposed to the entrepreneurial challenges in Singapore.The iLEAD Programme provides a perfect balance between practical and theoretical education in Entrepreneurship. At the end of the 7-month internship, iLEAD participants will embark on a 2-week Overseas Study Mission. The study mission aims to expose participants to foreign start-up cultures via various networking sessions and company visits.