Seashell & Starfish

“There is a family with a son walking along the beach. The son collects a lot of seashells along the beach. And soon, his hand were full of seashells. When the dad saw a rare starfish, he asked the son to go and catch it. But the son couldnt, and the dad asked why. Reason was simple: he had a handful of seashells.”

Moral of the story:

Along our lives we could be occupied with a lot of projects, work andĀ opportunities, and we would be involved in all of these “seashells”, and making ourselves as busy as possible to feel productive, to the point that we miss out the “starfishes” in our lives. So sometimes if we are too busy, it could be counter productive and we should learn to slow down and take a look and appreciate our life.

Thanks Isabel, for sharing. =)

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