On Blogspots, Entrepreneurship, and Instagram

On Blog shops

Just found out from a friend that blogshops can make good businesses in Singapore. While I always hear that there are blogshops owners in Singapore who makes 5 figure monthly incomes, the statement doesnt really hit me until my friend told me that an item of a blogshop which she was eyeing on, slated to be on the blog at 9pm, got snapped up and sold out by 9.10pm. Wow. While it not be representative of the whole fashion blogosphere, if done properly, blogshops can actually be a good source of side income. Reinforces the fact again that, if females buy your product, you have an addressable market.

On entrepreneurial ideas + Instagram

There are sooo many startup ideas outside there right now. Whatever that you can think of, whatever problem that you have, there will be a solution out there, or someone will be building one for it. Ultimately, at the end of the day, the one who wins, is the one which:

  1. Measured the right metric and made sense + use of the data collected
  2. Focuses on one key thing and make it real good
  3. Sexy User interface.

And on Instagram, in case you havent heard, it was just acquired by Facebook for a whopping $1 Billion dollars. Thats 1000 million dollars. For an app which no clear business models, what can be learnt is the 3 points which I mentioned just now.

Quote of the week:

It is important to plan for your future, but also more important to be present in the now.

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