2020 And The Year Time Stood Still

2020 has come and gone now. And here I am to note down some of the notable stuffs which happened this year.


2020 has equally been hard on GRVTY, but we have many things to be thankful about. We probably saw the last bit of the OG renewals – where the very first batch of folks that joined us 3 years ago left for whatever reasons, and we are onto our second generation of core members.

I think this definitely refreshed the team a lot and the current team member that we have is the best talents we have ever gathered. We worked on a lot of projects for the agency side, and for media side, the team put out a lot of great content that I’m personally very proud of.

The vision of GRVTY is very clear to me and in 2021 we will double down on creating more intelligent content. You can only connect the dots backwards – and I’m super thankful that we have solidify our positioning. COVID hit this year and all of the progress we’ve made in Singapore last 2 years seemed to be reversed, but we are very hopefuly for 2021. COVID didnt affect our Malaysia business but instead revenue and profit grew – all thanks to Sarah. The Singapore business is also held steadily by John. So really thankful for both of them.

All in all, a mixed year for GRVTY this year, but 2021 looks to be a great year to regain our momentum – so a lot to be thankful about.

Personal Finance

On the personal finance front, 2020 has been another great year for me. My net worth continue to grow to an all time high, almost doubling this year due to high gains from US stocks, as well as the decreased expenses due to COVID 19.

In terms of investments, had a lot of revelation with regards investing in stocks to secure our future. Since we are investing with the idea of only using the investment in the future, we should invest in future proof stocks in the technology and growth sector. There are probably too many of them but some includes the gaming sector, SAAS, ecommerce, genomic as well as EV.

Hence Li Ru and I repositioned our portfolio to buy a lot more US stocks since September. While we were late, we are still reaping some benefits of this shift to US stocks.

SG stocks really not pulling its weight and had we stayed invested in STI, we would be missing out on the ride of our life. Also did voluntary contribution to my CPF and EPF for tax savings purposes as well as retirement savings purposes.

We also bought back into bitcoin in November and hopefully that will form the education fund of our kids.

So nothing fancy here ā€“ what Iā€™m doing is basically tracking expenses, saving as much as possible and savings are channeled into US stocks. It is still hard to see the results from the investment, but hopefully 5 ā€“ 10 years down the road we will be able to enjoy the fruits of all these slow investments.

Personal Life And 2021

Personally, this year Li Ru and I stayed a lot at home due to COVID. I do look forward to travelling again, although the travel industry has been forever changed due to the pandemic. Because of the time spent, our relationship definitely became even closer.

The next step for us is definitely to have our baby and to build our family. And of course, that will mean expenses will go up.

We are also looking forward to hanging out with our friends, most of which have bought their new homes this year. I definitely foresee more house visiting in 2021 rather than eating and meeting outside.

Happy new year everyone! šŸ™‚