2019 Mid Year Mark

So H1 has come and gone.

Many has happened over the past few months, and I thought it will be nice to note these down so that I can look back and read my thought process here.

Earlier 2 weeks ago, I’ve finally moved into our new place with Li Ru, and are adjusting into a new way of living.

I always tell Li Ru that over the past 10 years+ I have been staying myself and am used to doing things individually, hence I have quite an individualistic character. When I want to eat, I go and buy food. When I want to sleep, I sleep. When I’m bored, I entertain myself. Living with Li Ru now, I will have to change my character to start thinking and taking into the consideration of the people around me, and hence, I told Li Ru that she has to be patient with me while I adapt to this new way of life.

But staying together and having a place of our own is an amazing feeling.

However, the renovation process was a trying time for me – there were a lot of micro decisions that have to be made with Li Ru and it wasn’t a smooth experience with our ID.

That said, I’m quite happy that we don’t spend a lot on our renovation and the renovation turned out ok. Here’s the rough breakdown of what we spent:

  • Renovation (feature wall, balcony, mirror works, paint, cabinet, bed side table): S$14350
  • Balcony Ziptrack: S$2649
  • Bed, mattress and sofa from JB: S$3500
  • Lightings and fan from JB: S$1500
  • Curtain and solar film: S$1600
  • TV, sound bar, vacuum: S$1462
  • Misc items (study table, electrician, kitchenware, bedside table lights): S$1717
  • Taobao (coffee table, bar stool, fittings): S$1500

Total: S$28,278

So that brings my net worth down by about S$15,000 this month, as a substantial amount is taken from my savings to fund the renovation.

On the investment front, the last quarter has been shaky with the ongoing trade war. Stocks indices dropped and then went back up after US announced a truce to the trade war with China.

With the stocks going back up again, I managed to sell some stocks to lock in some profit while waiting for the recession to come and to hold on to more cash.


  1. Sold Singtel at S$3.50. Bought at S$3.48 so didn’t really make much except for the dividend collected. W dividend probably will be a 2.5% gain.
  2. Sold off Under Armour and locked in a 17% profit
  3. Sold off Activision and locked in a 7.5% profit
  4. Sold off Square and Netflix and lock in a 1% profit each while waiting for them to drop back again. Felt that my entry price was on the high side.
  5. Sold off Memtech as they are delisting and taken private at a 17% profit excluding dividend.

The only US / HK counters I’m holding on now is Amazon, Nvidia, Razer, and Axon which I manage to get in low, so these will form my long term portfolio.

My SG portfolio are largely unchanged and am enjoying the uptrend now and the dividend collection. Most probably will just hold them long term, and will not add to any positions in the near term while waiting for market to present some buying opportunities, maintaining an overweight in cash.

Overall, happy with the investment performance this year, as the overall portfolio has returned me a >10% returned just 6 months in. This is in line with my portfolio projection for the year.

For the next 6 months, will be busy prepping for the wedding which comes in January 2020!

Till then! 🙂


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