August 2018 Updates

So one thing that I realise about my habits is that they are fuelled by short bursts of excitement and motivations. July 2018 was the month where I was actively writing and recording my personal finance related content, and then one month of radio silence.

Totally unacceptable.

Been meaning to write, but other than expenses update, didnt have any interesting things that warrant an article here.

Anyways, for August, it has been a relatively roller coaster month in the personal finance front. As I shared in July, I picked up AMD, and fast forward to today, the price has went up by 43%, reaching my TP price!

Given the bullish outlook, i might keep the stock under my long term portfolio, instead of taking the profit. Of course, what will decide this is the price momentum these days.

However, the gain were smaller than I expected as I only bought a conservative number of shares.

And the gain from the stocks were offset by the huge plunge in the ethereum price which I still have some holdings. Also, one of the malaysia stocks I bought also plunge due to an upcoming warrant exercise. Overall, no gain, and no lost for the month.

Which is bad, because my monthly expected growth in liquid net worth is around 2.5%, so that sets me back by a bit.

Also I have been calculating my XIRR for all my 3 portfolios, and found out that the US market has rewarded me more than the other 2 markets I am in.

Here are the XIRR i calculated so far:

US Stocks SG Reits Malaysia Stocks
XIRR 23.92% -21.05% -56.09%

What I realize is that I have much more experience in the US market simply because I understand the “products” more, as opposed to the other 2 markets. And that directly affects the return on investments on the markets I am in.

And yes, the XIRR for my Msia stocks is horrible because of the general election.

Despite me reminding myself that I should put more money into the US market, I have been putting in money in the SG market too.

From henceforth, I will be focusing more on the US stock market. And if I have extra money, will average down on the counters I have for my SG portfolio, to build up on the dividend portion of my portfolio.

Some US counters I’m actively looking at:

  1. Facebook (went out because during the price crash my stop loss was triggered)
  2. AAXN (Arizona-based company which develops technology and weapons products for law enforcement and civilians)
  3. (Priceline, booking, agoda, kayak, all travel based companies which will benefit from the continual rise in the travel industry)
  4. Micron (semi conductor space)

Next month I’ll probably pick up one of the 4 depending on the price level. Facebook’s and Micron’s price level looks ok for now. I think in the next 2-3 months they will reach their ATH again, which is at 10-20% of their current price. 🙂

But that’s just my gut feeling, and what do I know.


Anything to say to me?

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