June 2018 Expenses Update

Inspired by other bloggers in the personal finance space, such as KPO and CZM and Thomas from My 15th Hour Work Week, I’ll also attempt to share my monthly expenses update here.

So over the past 8 months, I have been actively tracking my personal finance related stuffs on an excel sheet and I have to admit, I am slightly obsessed by it. From liquid asset tracking to active trades and credit card cashback tracking, the last part of my sheet seems to be the expense sheet, which I just started a month ago.

To track my personal expenses, I’ve been using this app called Spendee, which I personally recommend – super easy to use and it’s free.


Spendee App

Similar to many personal finance app, it allows you to enter your expense category and then record it, which you can then sort and see which category are you overspending on. The free version of the app also allows you to set a budget, albeit for one category only.

Here’s what my spendee web app looked like after a month of tracking:

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 12.48.50 PM

So in June 2018, here are my expenses:

 Category June 2018 % Expense
Meals $517.15 15.60%
Transportation $155.80 4.70%
Entertainment $106.68 3.22%
Groceries / Home $24.90 0.75%
Phone Bill $56.10 1.69%
Utilities $46.40 1.40%
Insurance $283.35 8.54%
Dad $150.00 4.52%
Mum $39.00 1.18%
Income Tax $222.98 6.72%
Hair Cut $29.43 0.89%
Google / Apple / Spotify $25.77 0.78%
Novum Mortgage (MY) $677.23 20.42%
World Vision $22.82 0.69%
Rental $425.00 12.82%
Travel $533.38 16.09%

This month the meal portion is slightly higher than my monthly budget of $400, due to an anniversary dinner with the gf as well as a dinner treat with the gf’s family. I probably have to adjust my monthly meal budget slightly upwards as I foresee this to be a recurring but necessary expense.

The travel portion is also an additional budget as we are planning for a year end trip to Japan together.

Total Expenses $3,315.99 100.00%
Fixed Expenses $1,978.08 59.65%
Variable Expenses $1,337.91 40.35%

My total expenditure is at $3,315.99, which the fixed expenses being $1,978.08 and the variable expenses at $1,337.91


Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 5.05.34 PM

For the coming few months, I’m looking at reducing the fixed expenses:

  • Have arranged a meeting with a financial consultant to see if I can lower my insurance premium
  • Decided to stop my contribution to World Vision (have been donating a fixed amount to a kid in Sri Lanka since 2015)
  • Cutting down on entertainment and transportation
  • Income tax for 2018 is slightly lower so from July onwards the amount will be lower (because lesser income haha)


June 2018 Expense:  $3,315.99

Note to self: S$3,315 of expenses is a very high expense, and very very alarming.

Drawing from Thomas’ ending quote on his blog,

“Those who attend to small expenses are always rich” – John Adams


Anything to say to me?

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