2016 – “WOW!”. 2017 – “HELLO!”


How and where do I even start – if there’s one thing that is clear to me today, it would be that, I have almost forgotten how to write! This year, I havent been writing much, be it professionally or personally.

So 2016 – to sum it up, WOW it has been an eventful year! Looking back a year ago, here are the things that I’ve set up to achieve:

  • Grow new lifestyle media site with Discover JB into a sustainable media platform (50% Done)
  • Get 55 enterprise paying customers for Parrot (2% done)
  • Grow Vulcan Post minimally 20% across the board (with 60 – 70% less resources) (DONE AND OUTPERFORMED)
  • Grow personal savings! (DONE)
  • Travel to more placessss (Japan set for April!) (DONE)
  • Seriously Jacky, grow some balls and get attached already. (DONE)

So here are some of the things that have happened earlier this year:

1. Discover SG grew and its most notable differentiating factor is our ambassador programme. Probably my first foray into (micro) influencer marketing. The team sent our ambassadors to a bunch of cool events like Ultra Singapore, Its The Ship, Flight Simulator, Singapore Fashion Week, Soulscape Festival, Zouk Out, Halloweens Horror Nights and a ton of other media invites. Our pageviews could have been better so that’s something that Im going to fix in the new year, and am happy with the YouTube video show that we did with Germaine.



2. Vulcan Post on the other hand, had a good year. Despite facing some hiccups in the earlier year due to manpower issue, overall our pageviews grew 40% this year, more than the 20% i originally hoped for. Our revenue also grew 400% this year (mostly thanks to our Malaysia team and also ongoing support from our long time clients). We also did videos for Vulcan Post and our Facebook videos generated over 3.5M Facebook video views.


While the numbers are great, we are now at the crossroad of a very challenging media landscape where fake news are dominating, views are getting harder and harder to come by, and most importantly, the vision and what your brand stands for.

We did not do our Vulcan Post awards and Publisher Summit this year, which we will be doing in the first part of the new year.

But what we did achieve, was winning Bronze for The Best Website Award (Vulcan Post) and also Gold for The Most Innovative Technology (Parrot) at Marketing Interactive’s Spark Awards 2016.


The award marked a mini full circle for Vulcan Post – on the 18th of August 2013, I published the first article on Vulcan Post, and 3 years later, we won an industry award. So 18th of August is a very important date to me.


3. This year I also got attached to someone, and while it didnt last long, I learnt more about myself, and hopefully I will be able to give all of me in the next relationship.

4. In the later part of the year, I also signed up for a personal development course, which is still ongoing – and it is probably one of the most valuable thing I did for myself. Because of the course, I see myself more clearly, I developed a better relationship with my mum and my two sisters, and of course, creating better friendships with people around me. 🙂

5. This year has been fun in terms of travelling too! Traveled to Japan (for the first time!), Bali, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines (for the first time). Also partied at Ultra Singapore, Zouk Out and It’s The Ship!


6. So what was bad? Probably nothing much except for the fact that I was betrayed by a very close friend. While i treated him as a business confidant, he went ahead and started a competitor media site with the information that I shared with him. After the episode, I told myself that, it is always the case of “every man for himself”.

So what’s for the new year?

  • Grow Vulcan Post 20% minimally across the board.
  • Grow Discover SG 50% minimally across the board
  • New market – Philippines
  • Learn how to swim
  • Get attached
  • Build a decent financial portfolio
  • Travel to new places (ITALY planned!)
  • Spend more quality time with mum and sisters

To Jacky on the 30th of December 2017, here’s a reminder:

“Love isnt love until it is given away.”, “Everything is going to be ok”




Anything to say to me?

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