Goodbye 2014 Hello 2015!

I love this time of the year. It’s because I get to reflect and plan for what I want to do for the coming year.

2014 has been fantastic too, just as 2013 was to me.

For 2014, here are some of the personal and career goals I’ve set:

  • Scale up publication [Done]
  • Go through a fund raiser [Done]
  • Spend more time with mum [Done]
  • Asset Growth [Done]

Vulcan Post has seen fantastic growth in 2014, every month we are reaching well over 300,000 people around in Southeast Asia. In September, we were one of the few selected media companies from Southeast Asia flown in for the Apple iPhone 6 event, a huge validation to our content strategy.

In October was one of our best months: we reached over 1,000,000 pageviews that month! This month too, we released our own Vulcan Post Readers Choice Awards, which wildly exceeded our expectation. We have also finish shooting 10 office tour video series for our Vulcan TV.

Really proud of Vulcan this year because we have been fronting some pretty innovative stuffs: our weekly columns, our readers’ choice awards, our annual video recap, our office tours series, among others. 🙂

Our team has grown too and super excited to be bringing in some of the most passionate folks onboard full time into the company. We also concluded the year with a bang: we raised a 6 figure investment round (upper bracket) from Gushcloud, an influencer marketing company. I think we are really blessed because there are a lot of people whom not only believe in what we are doing, but also support us along the way. Working with Gushcloud is a strategic arrangement, not only can they help us grow editorially + helping to drive more sales, we are able to deploy the products we are building into their blogger network. Just two weeks into concluding the deal with Gushcloud, we have deployed our plugin into Mustsharenews and Sethlui’s blog, one of Singapore’s most read food blog. We can’t wait to see more synergies with Gushcloud in the new year!

Personally too, this year is officially the year I travelled the most. I’ve travelled to Vietnam, Bangkok, Jakarta, and Europe, all for the first time. Also went home to Kuching more than I should due to my employment pass issue, but managed to spend more time with my mum. Organized another Startup Weekend this year, and also went to the Electric Run in April too! Oh and manage to appear on Singapore’s national TV (Channel News Asia) for a 5 mins interview!

If you ask me what regrets I have, I probably dont have much regrets this year. Still looking for the other half though, so there’s that.

2015 will probably be the most pivotal year of my life, and I cant wait to get started. I always tell this to people around me that companies usually die in second year. So 2015 it is critical for us to make sure that we grow Vulcan even more in terms of reach, brand equity and revenue – in number wise, at least double our company’s current valuation. And I’d have to shoulder that responsibility. I’ve planned out what we need to execute along with ways to do it, and if we manage to follow through with the plans, things will be good, just as Jack Ma said, 今天很残酷,明天更残酷,后天很美好!

On the personal side, will be learning how to play the keyboard, travelling more often, continue growing personal assets / investment categories, and hopefully, meet my other half.

Here’s to a glorious 2015!

Happy New Year folks! 🙂


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