Svbtle opens up to all. Bad move.

If there’s one platform that I’ve always wanted to be part of, as a writer, it would be Svbtle.

For those unfamiliar with it, it’s a blogging platform that promises to be the easiest platform for blogging.

Its description read:

“We’re a network of great people mixed with an extremely simple platform for collecting and developing ideas, sharing them with the world, and reading them. We’ve focused all of our energy into building the simplest interface for accomplishing these goals. Svbtle is blogging with everything else taken away.”

Before today, you have to approved by the team in order to be part of Svbtle. Because of the highly specific curation process, there were a lot of high quality articles and authors on the platform. Being in Svbtle is like being in a cool club. It is exclusive. It is authoritative. It is an identity, an endorsement. Everyone wants to be on it.

But that changed today. Svbtle now opens its access to the public, taking away all the sexy appeal of Svbtle. Anyone can just sign up to be part of the blogging platform.

Personally, I think that was a bad move (but who am I to critic anyways).

You see, there are a lot of blogging platforms nowadays: Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Medium, Quora, and now, Svbtle. Guaranteeing a “slightly better user interface” might not that appealing to compete with other blogging platforms.

I’ve always wanted to be part of the network, and despite several requests, was never granted the invitation. Now that it is no longer exclusive to be part of the network, I’m not sure if I’d spend time on that network. WordPress works fine for me. I have a Medium account, and a Quora account (with a premium domain name!) which I hardly have enough time to generate different content to grow and harness the different traffic from all these platforms.

Opening up to the public also means that Svbtle is letting the mass market determine its voice. WordPress is meant for company blogs & businesses, Tumblr is meant for teenagers, Medium is meant for creatives/authors, which segment will Svbtle be targetting? Entrepreneurs? Startup founders? Maybe. I’m just hoping that they have a critical mass of this audience segment pool to attract the other mass market founders whom have time to write. Then maybe the identity can be preserved.

But of course, Svbtle had to open up to attract more growth because it raised an undisclosed round from investors last year.

Let see if there are any major news coming from the platform in the next 3-6 months in terms of growth.


2 thoughts on “Svbtle opens up to all. Bad move.

  1. Rick Martin says:

    The exclusivity you mentioned is not something that is really rare. There are lots of cool places on the web that a writer can be part of. It could be a fun multi-person blog, it could be a newspaper that lets you through its gates to publish — it could be any or all of a variety of things.

    I like Svtble’s design, and the capability to publish beautiful content is certainly attractive. But it’s not unique, and that’s what excites me most these days. Anyone can publish on Medium, Svbtle, WordPress, Twitter, etc. It’s closer to a meritocracy than before, I think.

    Dustin Curtis seems smart, and I’m interested to see where he takes this project. I don’t think opening it up is a bad move at all, provided that they’re ready for it.

    • Jacky says:

      Hmm I think the exclusive is pretty rare. The exclusivity Svbtle provide was more of an “endorsement”. Now that it opens up, the endorsement is gone. I think that’s pretty rare, and is (to me) kind of a big deal.

      multi person blog, newspaper etc or even guest blogging on say TC doesnt necessarily give you that kind of endorsement.

      Yeaps no doubt that Dustin is a smart guy, and he definitely knows better, but I guess I was kinda disappointed that Svbtle decides to open up to all. Didnt manage to get onto the cool club. :p

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