Blogs are no longer just blogs

Jon Russell of The Next Web nailed it:

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 8.05.45 pmRecode and The Information is launched by ex writers and editors of established news site. Recode: Ex AllThingsD, The Information: Ex Wall Street Journal.

Mashable just raised a 13.3M funding. Medium just raised a 25M funding.

All happened within a span of 6 months.

Who says there are no future for tech blogs?

Internet penetration up, we are consuming more content thanks to access to mobile, and more people are getting access to Internet = absolute traffic will only continue to grow, especially in Asia, where internet penetration is relatively low but they are growing faster.

southeast-asia-internet-penetration-infographicThe graph from Tech in Asia shows that there are at least 400M new internet users coming onboard in the next few years from Southeast Asia, looking to consume online content. This is assuming there are no population growth.

Huge potential and opportunities.


Anything to say to me?

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