Incredibly rare to find these people

I’m on the look out for people to discuss content strategy with, and it is incredibly hard to find someone interested in this vertical.

These are some of the things I have been experimenting with. Happy to share results and exchange thoughts

  • Pageviews growth (increasingly, social referrals are getting more important because they are relatively easier to hack, as opposed to organic referrals through google. Its simple really: Google has been indexing content for way longer than social networks)
  • What are the distribution channels (forums, social networks, search engines)
  • Which distribution channel works 
  • Best organic search practices 
  • Google trend analysis (been using this but not sure if im missing out any best practices. Is anyone using them?)
  • Facebook news feed optimization (news feed is a better way to get eyeballs than facebook pages)
  • Content syndication (good for SEO value but traffic value might not be that high)
  • Twitter as a content distribution channel (I find Twitter has relatively low traffic value compared to FB).
  • Sources of News (mostly through social networks. Here’s an article worth reading by Mark Cuban: Is Search Changing?)

You know how to reach me. 🙂 Twitter’s @jackyyapp and email’s


Anything to say to me?

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