There are too many events around

Too often have I came across this from Singapore entrepreneurs: There are too many events around, and they always see the same faces.

I always respond the same way: “Yes and No.”


Yeaps there are a lot of events you can attend and all the formats are almost the same: listen to speaker, mingle and chat, casual networking, panel discussion etc. For entrepreneurs who have been to 5-10 events in 2-3 months, most likely you would see the same faces. And then you would feel that the tech scene is small and there are just too many events around.


But it is necessary. If you feel that there are too many events around, good for you. But there will always be new events. Simple demand (event) and supply (attendees): Every month, there will be new influx of new entrepreneurs in the scene. They might be new in town. They might just be visiting. They might have just converted to the dark side of starting up. They might have just graduated from University.

And these are fresh new supplies.

Just as the old supply like yourself exits the “event networking” space and focus on your startup (hopefully), new supplies come in.

Just as there will always be new event attendees, there will always be a need for organizers to organize events.

If you have networking event fatigue, take a break for 4-6 months, and then attend one, Im sure there are new friends to be made in the ecosystem.


Anything to say to me?

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