Goodbye 2013 Hello 2014

2013 has been amazingly awesome.

With the year coming to an end, it’s common for people to reflect and see what was done well and what could have been improved for the new year.

2013 Rewind

The first 9 months of the year saw some of my most fruitful time with e27. Other than just covering tech news around in Asia, I had the chance to run the company’s monthly meet up events Founders Drinks and turn it into a revenue generating platform for e27. I also launched Bundles for e27 (which was discontinued due to reallocation of resources), as well as emceed for Echelon, our company’s flagship event. Also had the opportunity to travel to Malaysia, Australia, and Taiwan to run regional events and connecting with startups there.

Also wrote one of my best piece of article on the state of content: Here’s what’s happening in the content industry now, and was featured on Medium, tweeted by Om Malik, and connected with the cofounder of 9Gag because of that article.

I also finally graduated and bid goodbye to my alma mater, National University of Singapore back in June.

In September, I left e27 and joined Popcorn to head its business development and revenue growth. Popcorn is a Singapore mobile app that allows you to browse and book tickets at your favourite cinemas. We are nearing 1M downloads in Singapore. Managed to close several partnerships and advertising deals, including one with Disney for Popcorn.

On the personal side, I have also released an ebook called Vulcan Print which aims to help new startups understand how should they go about pitching their new business ideas to journalists. While the revenue hasnt been up to my expectation, it was one of the things which I set out to achieve in 2013.

I also had the chance to lead and work with a group of passionate writers to build the next Mashable of Asia. It was an impromptu thing to start the publication and it exceeded my wildest expectation: I grew it to over 1.2M in pageviews in less than 4 months, and we now have over 10+ contributing writers in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia. We have so much things lined up for the new year, and we are excited as ever.

On the personal and less professional side of things, I met a girl whom I fell madly, madly in love with. It felt so real and I had some of the best times of my life, albeit it was short-lived. All the love songs suddenly made sense then, and I felt like the luckiest guy on earth. Although we didnt end up together and arent exactly in good terms, I am really thankful to know how is it like to love and be madly in love again.

To sum up 2013, I received more blessings (in the form of opportunities) and I hoped I have been a blessing to the people around me.

2014 Outlook

For 2014, I will be super focused on scaling and producing more tangible results in my career. Similar to 2013, I have broken up my 2014 into two segments: first half and second half. For the first half of the year, my plan is to scale up the publication as much as possible, and go through a fund raiser, whether is it for myself or for Popcorn. Dont have a clear idea of the second half of 2014 yet but I expect it to involve a lot of execution work as well.

Also plan to spend even more time with my mum and dabble more in investments/asset growth. And of course, find more time for fun and living in the moment.

2014, Lying, Living & Loving.

Happy New Year folks! 🙂


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