Taking a break?

When I publicly announced that I am no longer full time with e27, and will be starting my new job the following week, a few people asked me (personally) straight away: why didnt you take a break?

To be honest, the thought did flashed through my mind. Especially because I was moving out from my house, and I could have used this month’s rental to travel. My housemate then offered to keep my luggages and stuffs at the old place, and he asked me to just travel and talk to people.

“It will be awesome man! I’m sure you have 1 month of your life to do that, and how often will you get this opportunity (job switch + house moving)? Who knows, you will be meeting your next million dollar opportunity on the way”

But time waits for no man. Investors, your users, your customers, progress waits for noone.


This could either make me or break me, just as e27’s CEO Mohan told me: I’m too eager/gan cheong in whatever I do. As much as I love to see instant results, sometimes the world doesnt work that way.

Maybe I should have taken a month off to travel.

Maybe I just didnt have the balls to do it, and can only read about the stories of those who managed to muster up their courage to travel around.

Maybe I’m too uptight.

So yes I will be starting my new job on Monday.

It is also humbling to receive so much support and encouragement from friends and the startup community:

new job

It’s also scary at the same time because the whole world is watching.


Anything to say to me?

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