Change is the only constant

Been quiet for the past few months on my end. A lot of things change.

Before I dwell into that, one of the things which I did last week was that I deleted my Facebook mobile app.

There were two main reasons i did that: Facebook became too irrelevant to me. It was/is full of news that doesnt concern me. I was contemplating deleting my whole account but I had too much memories and recollections on Facebook which I would love to keep and show it to my kids in the future (if Facebook is still around).

The second reason was that, with Facebook, I was consuming content produced by other people. I love quotes. Came across one recently which echoed deeply within me: How much time are you spending consuming things that other people create versus spending time creating your own stuffs?

It opened my eyes. Deleting my Facebook mobile app was like unshackling myself to my mobile phone whenever im not in front of the laptop or when Im on the move. I suddenly had more time to observe people, look at my surroundings, as well as spending some time thinking. I suddenly had way less reasons to pay attention to my phone.

It feels good.

So that’s the minor change in lifestyle.

One of the things I did also was tendering my notice to e27, a company that i believe in. Next week will be my last day with the company I spent my last 2 years at. Why? I needed some time off to explore. I think it’s also time for me to move on and try out something while I can.

It was a very hard decision for me to make. Everyone around me thinks that Im enjoying my job (thanks to Facebook) and Im sticking around e27 for long. While that’s true, I am motivated by challenges and I need to get my basic means taken take of, so that I can focus.

I remembered Brian Wong, founder of kiip mentioning this: How do you get your employees to give in their 110% to the company? Take away all their worries.

While I have a lot more I want to do for e27, i had to make the decision to move on because I was constantly worrying about things outside work.

So what’s next? I’ll leave that to my next blogpost on what I am working on and which company I am joining (or you can ping me personally :p). I am actually very excited for it.

Other than that, I’ve also moved out from my house into a whole new group of housemates. The new place is cheaper, and comes at the cost of a further distance away from town. My new roommate is awesome. At age 24, he runs his own software development firm, with a handful of employees under him. The company is also generating a healthy revenue last FY. Moving into the new place allows me to be more motivated by him (he works until 5am in the morning!), and potentially working with him on future projects.

As the new place is located further away from town, I now have about 1 – 2 hours of free time when I commute from one location to another. Because of that, i’ve decided to start reading again. Currently reading Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh (a gift by Marvin!), and man it is an inspiring read.

So yes, all of these happened in the past 2 weeks: I moved out (change of lifestyle), I tendered my notice (change of career) and to top it off, I made the decision to move on from someone I hold very very dearly to. And I have to admit, it was very hard for me to have all these happen to me in the past 2 weeks.

It was overwhelming. I genuinely felt scared for the first time in my life.

This is the time I wish I have a brother.

But I also realized that this is part and parcel of life, and that, change is the only constant.


Anything to say to me?

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