Been picking up a bit on my readings recently. Here’s some quotes from the 2 recent articles i read:

The risk is not in doing something that feels risky. The risk is in not doing something that feels risky.

Travel doesn’t shape you so much as the people you meet along the way shape you. While living in San Salvador, I became friends with a couple of South Africans who approached life differently than I did.

For me travel was a novelty; for them it was a way of life. From observing them I came to the self-assessment that I had been living my life wrong. I had the ability to go just about wherever I wanted, and yet I had lived the first quarter century of my life more or less tethered to Chicago.

So what are you waiting for? Your eighty-year old self asks nothing of you but this.

If you have a dream, you can spend a lifetime studying and planning and getting ready for it. What you should be doing is getting started.

Your biggest risk isn’t failing, it’s getting too comfortable.

Source: The Risk Not TakenDrew Houston’s Commencement address

It’s funny because the more you read, the more you know that this is a formula in life, but yet sometimes you get too comfortable with the current way of life, and the inertia to start doing something is higher than what you know you need to do to derive the most out of life.

So how do you get over it? For me, its just a matter of breaking down what seemed to be a non actionable goal to actionable stuffs: the next time you want to say no, just say yes and let life surprise you.

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A recent example was that my boss in e27 asked me to emcee our flagship conference which concluded earlier this week. While I know that I was the final choice (i think), and that I have absolutely no experience in emcee-ing a professional event, I had to say yes.

It’s not often that you are entrusted with such a huge responsibility. A 1000+ pax regional conference.

Happy to know that there were great feedbacks and people loved it.


When i started the year 2013, I set out a few goals for myself, and I think 6 months is a good time to reevaluate them. Over the last 6 months, I’ve launched Bundles for e27, and landed a few job offers. Also helped marketed our recently launched e27 Investor Kit alongside our COO, which did pretty well.

I’ve learnt a lot from my company, especially from my 2 bosses:

  • Importance of prioritizing “meetings” – Make sure they are valuable
  • Everyone has an angle – Your job is to figure them out and position yourself to best leverage on them.
  • Everything you do you need to track – So you can know that went wrong. The worst thing that can happen is to not even know what went wrong
  • Name dropping might work against you – Try not to name drop, and instead let other people namedrop, if they want to
  • Framing & Helping to put products in context
  • Importance of articulating yourself clearly
  • Barter trading – ties back to point #2

So what’s next? There’s still tons of learning. And there’s so much that I want and will continue to do for e27.  My role is kinda fluid right now, not sure if that’s a good thing. I’ll be moving away from writing, and focusing more on products, events and biz dev. You’ll know when to move on when you can say, “my job here is done.”

It’s the only responsible thing to say & do.

Dave Morin moved on from Facebook to founding his current company Path when he finally felt that his job is done at Facebook. (Watch: Foundation with Dave Morin)

Launching Bundles was just the beginning, and my job at e27 is not done yet.

I will still be writing more high level articles. Simply because I enjoy writing about great companies and great founders: To me, every article I write is a individual product. So yeaps, expect to hear from updates from me!


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