Is it possible for a startup guy to go back to a corporate world?

I would think the answer is no. 

The more I am involved in the startup scene, the more skills i acquire from my work, the more I think it is super hard to go back to the corporate world.

Maybe I am biased.

Starting up your own company or working for a startup company/environment empowers you to move fast, be flexible, and deliver an actual impact to the company. This can be very addictive.

Of course, you can get this experience too if you are working for a corporate, but you have to be at the senior management. How do you get to the senior management level? Either you have been with the company since it’s early days when it was still a startup, or either you have a solid experience which you acquire through your own startup or through other successful startups. We dont often see senior positions in corporate being filled with guys mainly with strong academic qualifications anymore.

So at the root of every senior management role, a startup experience plays a huge role.

The more skills you acquire through a startup too, the more you realize that you could no longer fit into a startup environment. In startup you learn to be agile, you learn to execute and experiment, you learn to empower yourself, you learn to make quick and sometimes hard decision.

In a corporate, you are expected to do your work. And wait for the huge paycheck. And the paycheck pays you to accept a lower learning curve. 

So is it possible for a startup guy to go back to a corporate world? I think it’s quite tough. Once you are used to a startup environment, it can be hard to switch your gears, and it could be hard to quantify and qualify your skills to a corporate world as they usually look for a very specific skillset.


Anything to say to me?

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