End justify the means

Over at a dinner, a good friend of mine said:

“You are too result oriented. You have to enjoy the process! If not, life will pass by very fast.”

Over the couple of weeks, everyday has been all about work, because I am working on a new product for e27, something which I aim to launch in 2 months – on 30th of March.

To me, doesnt the end justify the process? No matter how much blood sweat tears that goes into the process, if there are no results, it doesnt mean anything?

Of course, one could argue that the learning process comes along it. But then again, the learning is intrinsic, personal and your boss or colleagues or future employer cannot see all these learnings: simply because there are no ways to quantify it. Learnings can only be shown through successful execution of product strategies.

So one way to get around the whole “you are not enjoying the process” thing is: I set a timeline for whatever I want to do. Make sure the timeline is reasonable and once it is fixed, have the discipline to stick to it.

Enjoyment can come later.


Anything to say to me?

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