Actionable goals

With the abundance of digital distractions, there is so much stuffs one can do and achieve. So one has to prioritize.

What happens after prioritizing? What happens after you identify which task/goal you should focus first? Set actionable goals.

Too often people around me says: I think that will work. I agree that we should do this. I think I want to be a designer. But all of these are unactionable. These carries no weight at all, during discussions or meetings. Actionable goals are specific things that you can do and action on to achieve whatever you want to achieve.

“I think that will work”. Whats actionable:
+ How should we do it?
+ Who should do it?

Another important thing to fulfill the criteria of whether an item is actionable is setting the timeframe: By when should it be done.

Personal example: I want to learn how to publish an eBook (Unactionable). Whats actionable:
+ How to publish: Google it (10-15 minutes tops)
+ Choose, download and install a publishing too. (5 minutes)
+ Decide what topic to publish, and then start working on it.

It is only by setting actionable goals and constantly asking yourself, what you can (and need) to do right now, that one is able to make full use of his/her time. This also avoids lying to ourselves that we have a long to do list and we are productive. Actionable goals breaks down an (what seem to be an) enormous goal into small little parts, and this greatly reduces the initial inertia you need to get started.

getting started


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