Exploring the world

I have always wanted to go to Silicon Valley and explore and immense into the ecosystem over there. Why Silicon Valley? Simple. Because the web started there. It’s like if you want to learn or explore about cheap clothing, one would go Gwangzhou, simply because there are a lot of cheap cloths there, giving one an opportunity to know how things work and experience their production line first hand. Or like religion, where if you are a Christian, you would want to visit Jerusalem, where Jesus was said to be born there.

So since I am interested in the web space, Silicon Valley is the natural choice.

Then it comes to the question of, when is a good time to go for a 4-6 weeks trip. I think the best time to go is when you are about to graduate. When you do that, you can experience the energy and get motivated by the ecosystem there and then you can work harder when you are back to graduate. A lot of people tell me the place is simply amazing and everyone is constantly discussing about technology and everyone is bound to be working on something. The awesomeness is so much so that a University is announcing a Entrepreneurship free dorm for those who do not want to be part of the entrepreneurial hype.

Is it better to go after you get some working experience and have some savings in your bank? Personally, I think once we graduate, with matters such as repayment of loan, house hunting, job hunting, work, relationship etc, we would not be in the mood of exploring the world, and ‘absorbing’ the energy. Life would just be bogged down by all these distractions.

So yeaps, it’s definitely a good time to visit the place you always wanted to visit when you are going to graduate. Live. Dream. Explore.

Did a simple search, turns out you need about RM500 for a tourist visa to the states, and on top of that, you need to prove ties before you can enter the states, even for tourism purposes. “Ties” are the various aspects of an individual’s life that bind him or her to a particular place, such as a job, family or property.

A lot of friction.

Photo: Designyoutrust

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