On Sponsorship

Creativity gets sponsorship. Imagine you are a big corporate company, and a small startup comes and ask for a sponsorship that he wants to organize? What would entice you to put money in it? Assuming he needs $10,000, which means a lot to a startup, and means only say 10% of the company’s marketing budget.

1. Creative Campaigns. Campaigns that are creative and out of the ordinary have the highest propensity to be viral and get picked up by people, who has seen most of the ordinary stuffs everyday.

2. Angle must be correct. The question is, what is it in for the sponsor to come in? This is tricky as a compromise has to be made and balanced off between the objective of the event vs the agenda of the main sponsor.

3. Continuity. Huge sponsors prefer events that have a continuity, not just a one off event.

Just random thoughts again. Looking around for cool event ideas. Anyone? 🙂


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