Startup Weekend Singapore 2012

Its Day 1 of Startup Weekend Singapore 2012 where I am part of the organizers. Very excited about the outcome as we did something different this time round: We filtered the ideas and pitches through crowd voting from 87 ideas to the top 40 favourite ideas, and then they presented, and we have a solid panel of 7 judges to filter out the 40 ideas to the top 20 most potential ideas. This made sure that teams worked on only quality ideas.

Coming from Simone Brunozzi, Tech Evangelist of AWS who have been facilitating and travelling from Startup Weekend to Startup Weekends, he said: “The Startup Weekend Singapore #swsg2012 so far seems to be one of the best organized I’ve ever been. Congrats!”

Super excited about DEMO of the final prototypes on Sunday evening. =)


Anything to say to me?

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