Always Go Home with the Lady Who Brought you to the Dance

Came across a very good read today while browsing through the Facebook feed:, which i quote:

In life you’ll be faced with many situations like this – moral dilemmas. You’ll learn that there are many bad actors. You’ll find that there are very few people who still believe in honor. When you find those people they’ll be lifetime friends and business associates.

But you can start with yourself. It’s funny how many people I’ve known for 20+ years keep popping back into my life. It always reminds me the importance of always treating people with respect. You can have disagreement. You can have fights. You can even have people with whom you don’t want to work. But if you act in ways in which people question your ethics – people will have very long memories.

Me? I’d rather walk away from a deal than leave with somebody other than the lady who brought me to the dance. And it’s not for purely “Pollyana-ish” reasons. I believe that your long-term reputation matters more than any individual deal. And life’s too short to work with dicks.

So much truth in it. Should always go home with the lady who brought you to the dance. Tells one so much about the importance of your credibility, which takes 10 years to built, but just 10 minutes to destroy.

But sometimes it could be hard as well, especially when you are very close with that someone, but all of a sudden, things changed and he/she lose her credibility, and its such regrettable that both of you were once so close.

Random thoughts.


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