Power of quotes

Suddenly realized the power and influence of quotes. We live in a world of hope and dreams. Super excited about a upcoming web/mobile app: Quotogram – an app for discovering, organizing, and sharing quotes. You can view recent, popular, or your friends’ quotes, and search by author, keywords, and tags. If your favorite quote is nowhere to be found, you can submit it (or correct any misquotes).

According to the founders which says:

Books, movies, lyrics, and even speeches are anchored in our memories with words that inspire, amuse, and influence us.

Quotes can connect us deeply with speakers. Adds a personal touch to this digital world. Personal touches are always good.

Definite yes for viral factor in the idea, but not too sure about the business model. Ads? Maybe.

Very clean UI too, plus a smart way to incorporate the timeline.


Photo: Techcocktail

Photo: Techcocktail



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