Bless and Be Blessed

Sometimes it is very tempting to poke around and see what other people are doing. It is quite important not to do it too often, because we ourselves also need some private space, and need to give other people their spaces.

Where there are instances where someone else took over something that belonged to you, it is quite important to learn how to let go or see things in a different perspective. Applies to real life, relationship and work. When something is lost and where there are no chances of getting it back, its time to focus on other more important stuffs.

When you learn how to bless someone else, it is then that you will enjoy the blessings and know that you are blessed.

If I choose to bless another person, I will always end up feeling more blessed. ~ Marianne Williamson

Every morning when we wake up we have two choices: Go back to sleep and keep dreaming, or wake up and chase those dreams.


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