Startup Quote Singapore

Some of you might have already guessed what is the pet project that I am working on, judging from the new tab I have for the blog menu. So yea, happy to finally share with you the project that me and a friend is working on recently to benefit the Startup community in Singapore: Startup Quote Singapore. Have you heard about startupquote? Essentially its the same, but we are a localized version of it, where we showcase inspirations and advices of founders, CEOs and entrepreneurs based in Singapore.

Feel free to check it out and provide some feedbacks in terms of UI, layout, and of course if you know how we could monetize it, do suggest as well. =) We want to at least earn back the cost of the domain and make it self sustainable.

So yea, here’s

Like us on our Facebook Page too to follow the updates! =)


Anything to say to me?

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