Life is a party and entrepreneurship is a game

Spoke to the Tokyo partner of Startup Weekend this morning and one thing he mentioned kinda relate to what’s happening in reality. He said: “We are all party hosts”. It’s the same as real life, where we have to play nice to the people around us and entertain them well enough so that they can remember you. Those that made it and those that are remembered are usually the best party hosts.

We don’t actually know why we do any of the things we do, we just hope we’ll end up in the right place.Alexia Tsotsis, Techcrunch

The other day, a friend brought up an interesting premise of entrepreneurship, which has some truth in it: Entrepreneurship is like a game. The premise was brought up a few days ago during Startup Asia when the startups companies pitched their ideas on the Startup Arena. The culture and fame from the west, with the media exaggerating the glory of entrepreneurs that made it, and had sexy exits makes everyone want to be part of this game. Online medias and blogs are fueling this phenomenon and some entrepreneurs do it for the sake of doing it, for the sake of entertaining other people and blending into the crowd of entrepreneurs. Of course, that should not be the case.

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