Content digestion/curation between two different generation

Was out of town the past few days. Came back to civilization and during the trip, had a sudden realization when I was enjoying one of the performance. Each generation, we are all curating and consuming different content as compared to our parent’s generation, and the same goes to our kids generation, whom will consume different content from ours.

During our parent’s generation, the web (web1.0) then was more of a library for information, and our generation (web 2.0), the internet is characterized by social connectivity such as Facebook & Twitter as well as heavy media consumption (YouTube). As technology is constantly changing and moving, it is thus essential to ensure that a startup or the business you are running is flexible enough to evolve along with technology, and the demand will not expire. For one, startups should try to strive towards integration with social media + internet technology. Of course, the next multi dollar question is, can you target your startup/business towards your user’s next generation, or, how can you get their next generation to use your product, and use them to influence your users behaviour. Kids nowadays are also consuming what adults are consuming (DVD, iPad games, mobile phone etc)

They (the kids) are your future buyers.

I remember my mentor in Shanghai once told me, that the 2 most lucrative business are actually Adult entertainment and kids education.



One thought on “Content digestion/curation between two different generation

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