N-Chats: Innovating way of delivering business

Just had a Skype call with a startup founder, and took away a few things from him, and the main one was to innovate ways of delivering a business.

He was sharing that it is very common for new startups to be based around solving a recognized problem, and that this in turn generate a lot of opportunities, but there are also startups that innovate existing ways of delivering the business. The business model is nothing new and sexy, but the process of delivering could be new and innovative. Couldnt think of any startup right now, but nowadays to innovate the way of delivering business models (instead of the normal creating a solution to a problem), one could introduce the element of gamification into the whole startup user experience.

Was also talking to an investor this afternoon over coffee that it is important for a startup to know what they want and what is stopping them from getting what they want. And after identifying what they want and where next for them, to hasten the process, one could find strategic partners, which might not necessarily ensure the success, but will definitely value add to the team as well as speed up the process/journey.

Was also talking to a friend about having friends as cofounders, and the problem of treating them as a friend vs treating them as a team vs treating them as a cofounder. Sometimes for it, it could be quite challenging because while I should be the one that push for things to happen and make sure that things are according to the deadline, I choose to not do so because a team shouldnt be like that where someone delegate all the jobs and start ordering around, and to me, a founding team should reach an understanding that we would take charge of the startup and keep track of our own progress to be accountable for each other’s responsibility. Then rises the question of alignment of goals and motivation, specifically, when the motivations are different, there arises the need for someone to lead and make sure that everything goes in direction. But when someone lead, then he will be seem to be bossing around, which again, conflicts with the idea of everyone having equal say, equal stand, and equal responsibility as well as maturity/accountability to run the startup.

Definitely something to think about.


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