Online to Offline

This new strange acronym is the latest emerging trend, following LBS (Location Based Service) and SOLOMO (Social, Local, Mobile).

So what is O2O? The definition may vary, but essentially it means attracting users online and directing them to physical stores in the offline realm. Some would argue, this is nothing new and many websites have been targeting people online to bring them in offline, but the element of online payment is what really makes O2O powerful. Why? Because businesses can measure the impact of online sales since a payment was actually made.

Source: Technode

According to the article too, the group buying model has been the most recent successful example of how the O2O can work. The article too identify “the next trend of O2O will focus on service and value”

I think the article points out good trends that everyone should know about, and what particularly interest me is the O2O model, because essentially the startup that I am working on is precisely this model, where we bring “Linkedin from Online to our Lunchsparks Offline”, hence adding more value to the users. Of course, this O2O model introduces new aspects to the business that has to be taken care about, such as the quality of the offline service as well as the not only the online user experience, but now, the offline/real life experience also comes into the picture. Thus if O2O goes mainstream which it is right now, value chain managers and customer service managers will have an increasing demand. Startups would not only need technical guys, but business development guys and CRM guys would also be needed.

So how legitimate is this model? Heard of Getaround, AirBnB and Groupon? They are all O2O models.


Anything to say to me?

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