Importance of Social Media Acknowledged

It may not have been a national disaster, but experts say the massive online buzz generated by Thursday night’s MRT train breakdown shows the key role social media will play in such a scenario.

This underlines how important it is for government and corporate organisations to establish a presence on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, they added.

In fact, two of the pictures that have come to define the crisis – one of a smashed train door window and another of a message sent out by SMRT to its taxi drivers of an ‘income opportunity’ created by the breakdown – were sourced from Twitter.

And Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew’s first comments on the breakdown were delivered not through an official press statement, but via a Facebook posting.

Media and crisis management experts said Thursday’s episode illustrated how much faster news travels now – through the sharing and re-posting of information on the Internet – compared with five years ago.

By the time SMRT finally made an official announcement at 9.15pm, thousands of tweets and re-tweets of the incident on Twitter already made SMRT one of the top trending Singapore topics.

Source: Straits Times



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