Evolution of Technology – Too Many Choices, Too Much Content

The world is evolving so fast that it is getting harder and harder to keep track of all the stuffs that is going on. With the advancement of technology, more and more things are created everyday at faster speed. Startups, websites, information, new business models and every little thing else are being created and curated by entrepreneurs and founders who wants to make things simpler. Blogs are created by everyone everyday to provide fragmented informations. Websites applications are created everyday to solve  real problems or problems that are created by other web/mobile applications, and heck there’s even an app that helps you summarize contents on the web. Too many people are trying to solve too many problems out there, and this is good and bad. Good because, our lives get simpler and things are made easier, bad because, there could be too many solutions to a problem, which could be a problem as well. And then people would then try to solve the problem of too many solutions to a problem (hence you see aggregation of applications eg: deals aggregator). And then, there become too many aggregator and there are new aggregators to aggregate these aggregators.

There isn’t a shortage of developers and designers. There’s a surplus of founders.

Source: Startupboy

It’s getting really messy out there. Here’s a great article about the mess out there.

Take a day off and you’re behind. Take an hour off and you just missed 300 more blog posts.

And the fact that there are more and more Angel Investors and Venture Capitalist pumping money into the ecosystem, it doesnt solve the problem. We are moving into a startup bubble.

Maybe I should include a list of a new interesting startups on this blog.


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