e27 Startup List

A strong community won’t appear overnight, but if you start with the right foundation, the rest will come in time. – Techcrunch

With that in mind, e27 has curated a free database of technology companies, people, investors and service providers in Asia that anyone can edit, called the StartupList. Essentially, the StartupList aims to be the startup resource hub of Asia where anyone can learn everything about matured and also uprising Asian companies. On top of that, funding activities, acquisitions, exits and hiring in the region could also be tracked from the list.

The purpose of the StartupList is simple, first of all, to provide a one stop startup database for everyone to be updated with the startup environment in Asia and not only does this provide the publicities needed for startups, aspiring entrepreneurs could also check for competitors for their startup idea. For startup founders, the worst thing that could happen when you assemble your team and commit to a perceived one million dollar idea, only to find that there are a more than one competitors in the industry (if you never do your homework properly). Secondly, StartupList also provides a platform for the startup community from Asia to build valuable connections and scale their businesses through the expansive network of companies on StartupList. Entrepreneurs and startup founders should help and support each other, and this is the very foundation of a startup community.

Of course, compiling the list is a continuous effort and requires the help and support from the community to help add, edit, and ensuring that startups deserving a mention and which has the potential to be the next big thing is on the StartupList. We know that every now and then there are startups sprouting out here and there, especially with Asia’s technology startup ecosystem exploding in recent months, our team alone is unable to keep track of all of them, so the support from the community in helping to grow the StartupList is very much needed.

So feel free to check out the StartupList and do drop us comments below on any area for improvements as well as suggestions.


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