How do you know whether investors are interested in your idea

When you have been constantly talking to a lot of people about a certain topic, and constantly getting their feedbacks, at one point of time, you start to be able to identify who is genuinely interested and who is just not into the whole idea.

Personally, I feel that when you talk and share with someone about your product, if that person is interested in your product, he would:

  1. Ask you how far is the progress of your project/startup. It applies the same for me. When a startup founder share with me what he is working on, I always like to ask him how far is the execution, and how much did the founder do to get his hands dirty. Ultimately, there are a lot of ideas everywhere and ideas don’t worth anything, it is the execution that matters. Each and everyone of us have ten ideas everyday and those that actually go and do something about it are very few.
  2. Ask you how many are there in your team. Investors and others are interested in your team because they invest in the people, in the right team. They will be interested in seeing whether you have a team. If you do not have a team, most likely they would be put off because if you cannot convince someone to join your team, how then can you convince and sell your product?
  3. Follow up after that. Whether they email you. Whether they ask for your business card. Whether they say they will connect you to someone that you should definitely meet.

Thats what I feel after interacting with a few people here and there through the various events that I went for. And one more thing, during a pitch, you should always structure to pitch to suit the person that you are presenting to. Think of what they want. And then narrow down to your sales pitch.

I think part of what I did wrong was to try and create a universal pitch deck that fits every target audience. No No.


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