Pitches & Presentations

Whether it’s a PowerPoint presentation, a speech, or plain old teaching; There’s sometimes that bit of nervousness involved in publicly speaking.

So how to present confidently in public?

Preparation. The first step to public speaking is obviously to be prepared, which means: No procrastination. Procrastinating will lead to stress which will lead to more nervousness, the last thing you need or want. Get everything you need together, whether it’s a PowerPoint presentation, speech, or another lesson. Don’t worry about presenting just yet. Just have everything done and ready.

Of course, no amount of preparation is ever enough because ultimately the only constant thing is change and things will not go according to plan. So I think the better way is to practice with your friends if you want to hone up your presentation skills.

So I went for an audition for Demo Asia at Blk71, and my pitch was not bad, not too outstanding either. Partly because I was nervous, and partly because the audition was running late and they were rushing me, and partly because I was given a scolding prior to my pitch over the phone. By still, no excuses for not delivering the best pitch.

Because life is not a dress rehearsal. You don’t get a second chance.

But, opportunities are like buses. You can always catch the next one. =) So ill just wait anxiously for the results.

Sometimes I wish I can present likeĀ Steve Jobs.


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