Singapore, ripe for technology disruption

I was at invited to the Youtube Singapore Official launch today to cover the event. Youtube recognizes the importance of Singapore and launched their first localization program in Singapore. 2 weeks ago it was the event F8 by Facebook, where they too have a new office in Singapore this year. Other than Youtube and Facebook, Linkedin also launched their office here in Singapore less than half a year ago. Everything happened this year in Singapore.

Yesterday, Interactive Sg too launched the entrepreneurial tv show – Angel’s Gate where entrepreneurs get a chance to pitch their idea to investors, very much alike to Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank.

All these happened in a few month’s time.

All these mega players in the technology industry moving to Singapore and setting up their base here only reinforces the fact that Singapore has a strategic location, the infrastructure and the optimal business environment to support their growth in Asia. Also, this is a substantial proof that the technology industries are all slowly converging to Asia and focusing their growth here. It’s really exciting to be right in the middle of all these happenings. Asia, is ripe for technological disruption, and Singapore happened to be in the centre of them.

Other than Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube/Google, Yahoo also has an office here. You know who else is missing?

Twitter. =)


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