Of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is tough. Nobody said it was easy. And the returns are uncertain. Out of 10 that started, 7 failed, 2’s struggling, and 1 succeeded. Founder of Penn-Olson, the Techcrunch of Asia, also the first Asia tech blog to get funded, released a piece today titled: “Being an entrepreneur is not sexy“. Excerpt of the article:

“In recent months, whenever I attend events across the region, I noticed it is common for friends to come up to me and ask why the hell I look so tired. “

“The entrepreneurial journey is fucking painful. And sometimes I do ask myself if it’s all worthwhile and would I be happier if I were less ambitious. I believe most entrepreneurs go through that at low periods. That’s just the simple truth.”

So much truth in it. And recently I also went to the 13th S@S Launch where Karl Chong, CEO of Groupon Sg was a panelist for the panel of discussion. He said: “An entrepreneur or someone who wants to venture into a startup must be prepared to lose its social life.”. So much truth in it. Sounds exactly like what is happening to me right now.

Although sometimes it felt like it is like fighting a tough journey alone, the experience, the exposure, the network that I gained is invaluable and Im very much appreciative to it. This is a tough, but exciting journey. =)

Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go


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