Peter Draw

Last night while I was at the monthly Founders Drinks by e27, I met this guy whom introduced himself as a artist. I thought he was slightly out of place since everyone whom were present are all techies and from the startup community. He asked me what I do, and I introduced him my work.

The next day, he added me on Facebook, and because Im curious, I went to check him out. His name is Peter Draw.

Artist Statement
“We cannot protect every child in our world. But for those we can, we must. And because we can, we must. This is why I draw”

Short Intro
Peter Draw is an artist and philanthropist who has been making a difference through his drawings over the years. His works have touched and inspired the lives of young people, especially children, in over 20 countries around the world, including China, Japan, Costa Rica, South Africa and ASEAN. In 2008, with the support of MFA and 10 ASEAN Government state members, Peter went around ASEAN to bring happiness to thousands of children while reminding the rest of us that it is the simple things in life that truly makes us happy. He has broken 2 Guinness Book of Records – the largest caricature in the world (2007) and taught the largest art lesson in the world (2010). Peter has been featured as “Everyday Hero” in Reader’s Digest Asia, appointed ambassador for corporate and community organisations and was awarded the Outstanding Young Persons of Singapore for his works for children, world peace and human rights (2008). Hollywood star Jackie Chan has dedicated a video to encourage children to work hard and follow their dreams like Peter and himself. Peter has a personal collection of over 10,000 drawings from children he’s met around the world.

Peter has dedicated this year on a meaningful project to encourage the children in Japan to never give up on their dreams. So far, he has touched the lives of children in Tokyo, Iwate, Fukushima with the support of children he met in Alejuela, Taichung, Aceh and Sichuan.


2007 – Guinness world records – World’s largest caricature
2008 – Outstanding Young Persons for contribution to children, world peace and human rights
2010 – Guinness world records – World’s largest art lesson

This is amazing. These are the people that inspire me and these are the people that live with a passion and goal, living a meaningful life, waking up to a purposeful day. Awesome work he is doing to touch people’s life.

On NOC DND the other day when the 10th Year Anniversary video was shared, one key takeaway is that, Entrepreneurship is a state of mind. To me, what Peter did and is doing is outstanding. To me, this is entrepreneurship.

I felt like whatever I do is nothing compared to what he has done. This has taught me that most people that turn up for networking event, must be someone outstanding in his own ways. Must always remember that.

Anyways I got him on Lunchsparks. =)


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