Just Do It – Nature or Nurture?

Recently I was at the 13th Startup @ Singapore Business Plan launch which was graced by the MTI Minister, Edward of Timbre, Karl of Groupon Sg as well as the Alan of Soyato. I pretty much covered the event on my post at e27, pointing of the relevant points that were discussed during the panel discussion with the topic: “Entrepreneurship: The road less travelled”

When you have been through most talks and panel discussions or sharing sessions with those that have been there and done that, those that have succeeded, you would roughly know and can somehow identify a few key traits that are critical in determining whether one can be successful or not:

the “never try never know” spirit or the “just do it” spirit

Even Edward of Timbre also mentioned during the S@S launch panel discussion that: “Don’t think too much, just do it.”, and if you were there, you would have caught him closing the panel with just the 3 words: “just do it”. With authority.

So the question is, whether the spirit of “just do it” can be trained or not? Thus the conundrum of nature vs nurture comes into question again, as always. If you have read the book “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, he said that the upbringing of a child is crucial in determining whether he is successful or not, and depends a lot on whether the parents are protective towards them or somehow train them to be outspoken and be daring enough to question the authority, in a good way. Of course, the latter is better, and often creates outstanding individuals, or in his book, outliers among the people around us. So to him, the success of a entrepreneur or any individual in general depends a huge part on “nurture”, ergo, you are trained and taught to voice out and challenge the status quo since young.

I think this is true. One can definitely learn the “just do it”spirit and its not too late to start right now. One way to pick this up, in my opinion is to practice how to speak up every time you have a query. Even simple gestures like asking things that you do not understand in the lecture hall or even in the streets, or when you want to approach someone but you dint have the guts to, tell yourself to “just do it”, and who knows something good might come out of it. The more you practice, the easier it become, and soon, it will be natural.

So if you have that thing on your mind that you want to do it today, just do it. Or if you have that one million dollar idea, just make the 1st step of sharing with someone, or do something about it, right now.


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