To my friends back in Kuching

A friend of mine back in Kuching asked me to help skim through his assignment and powerpoint slides. And these are those times that I am really thankful to be in NUS. The thing about Kuching or Malaysia is that, with the social circle around you focusing on daily stuffs like where are the latest deals, focusing who just got attached to who, focusing on where is the latest eatery, it really limits how far can they go and how much can they do in Kuching. Coupled that with the laid back culture and the minimal infrastructure, Im just really glad to be in Singapore.

Students in Singapore vs Students in Kuching

When the students in Singapore are busy upgrading and updating themselves with the latest technology and happenings, or just skill sets in general, students in Kuching are updating themselves with social happenings around them. This is bad, because again, as mentioned in my previous post, a quote from Jack Ma, “it is scary to not know that difference and gap exists”. Students should always be improving themselves, in terms of maybe presentation skills, or updating themselves with the latest happenings from around the world, and reading on stuffs that are truly helpful. Students should explore the world. And explore the society and its community.

Opportunities in Singapore vs Opportunities in Kuching

I have to say that there are abundant of networking opportunities in Singapore. Anyone can just go for the various events, workshops and talks and most of the time they are relevant and of certain quality. And you really get to meet important people. In Kuching, there are almost no networking events. The tertiary education system in Singapore also offers a lot of overseas exposure to its students as well as support for anything that can help build the human capital of Singapore. Kuching, the minister is busy embezzling money and the people’s fund.

Infrastructure in Singapore vs Infrastructure in Kuching

Here. Nuff said.

To my friends back in Kuching,

“Explore the world, explore the society. Don’t take comfort with whatever you are doing now. Live your life. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.”


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