Startup Community

Recently I blogged a post on e27 and it created quite a huge hype among the startup community that reads our blog. Essential what I did was to review an app and then provided some feedbacks on how the app can be improved.

Below are some comments from the post:

I’m betting loads of money on that Found is not going to be successful.  The sooner they realize this the more money and time they’re going to save. Move on!

Alright I’m going to be blunt. To the “Founder”, my advice: STOP working on this. TODAY. End your little project now. You have been working on this app for what, 1.5-2 years? No user traction and zero revenue. And your new version is a complete rip-off of Wake up and MOVE ON. You’re wasting your time dude.This is a perfect example of why the government shouldn’t interfere with the startup industry because they don’t know SHIT. Bet half a million dollars on one silly app and then what? Hope a Silicon Valley will bloom here? Beyond ridiculous.

“How was the valuation done?” wth!!! Why this and how that … wouldn’t you want to know!? Excuse Danny if he doesn’t get back to you, he’s kinda busy running a start-up! Suggest you get back to reading your textbooks,  you may find some answers there!

What shocked me was the intense argument over the whole Found saga. While the whole intention of the post is to help the startup get some feedback from the community to improve the app, they focused on what went wrong in the whole startup process, the funding, and the team. And people are scolding each other and it was divided into 2 parties, one that supported the app and one that think the startup will fail. Makes me feel like the whole startup community is not as friendly and supportive of each other as I thought. For me, I would be more than willing to give genuine feedbacks to other startups and help them grow, and thats what I do, i review apps and I review startups, because ultimately i need their genuine feedback in what I do in the near future.

And the whole startup scene feels like a game to me, a game of who creates the next big thing. Kinda felt the same like “men and their toys” with the whole ego issue. Somehow i think entrepreneurs have some ego problem. Im not sure I have the same problem, I hope not. Totally gave me a whole new way of looking at the startup community in Singapore.

Reality, is ugly.



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