Had 4 great chats during the past few days.

N-Chat with Jorene and Jun Jie:

  • Jorene and Jun Jie are my batchmates who went over to Shanghai with me for the NOC programme and we were having a casual conversation where it became an idea bouncing session.
  • We were discussing several ideas and realized that most of the startups nowadays are all moving towards web based and tech startups, which is unfortunately not our forte, because we are business people. We were laying out what we are strong at and trying to come out something with it, and turns out we could try consultancy.
  • Jun Jie was saying that web based startups are good ideas but it is not something tangible. And he also mentioned that most of the ideas that we discussed revolves around the leverage of other products to earn money, and that it would be awesome if we could have a product of our own that do not rely on other products. For example, before this we were thinking of doing an online site that aggregates quality articles for readers and in this case, we are relying on the presence of “quality articles”. In another illustration, deals aggregator which relies on whether there are good deals available to be aggregated. Definitely something to ponder about.
  • I realized that there is so much that non techies can do at our stages right now because we have school and stuff. Should have picked up web design or programming earlier.
  • Hopefully we would come up with something tangible soon. =)

N-Chat With Daryl

  • Managed to grab a quick chat with Daryl, one of the current participants for the iLead programme batch 8.
  • Daryl is a cyclist and he is looking to manufacture his own brand of bicycles in Singapore and is in talks with Spring for funding.
  • What always motivates me is hearing other equally passionate people who are doing something on their own and actually executing it. These few days I have came across many people with many great ideas and I always tell them, at the end of the day, its the execution that matters, not the idea. Take Facebook for example, I don’t know how true the movie is and whether Facebook is a stolen idea or not, the truth is that Mark was the one that executes it.
  • Having spoken to quite a number of people recently, I realized that there are 2 types of founders, one that derives a satisfaction from tangible products and actually being able to see their products (e.g. retail shops), and another one that derive satisfaction from providing services or non tangible products (e.g. web based)
  • Daryl is the previous one where he would want to see his products in a physical store, which he is fighting strongly for right now.
  • Looking forward to partnering with him in the cycling industry. =)

N-Chat with With Milton

  • Milton is the Founder of Vsee and he dropped by N-House for a chat with those that attended.
  • I like Milton, he gives a very fatherly figure and is someone that you know you can get along with him very well. And this is reaffirmed when both his interns that came over that night shared the various stories during their attachment with Vsee at the States. Both of them are very very lucky. And they are even put in charge of the Singapore operations of Vsee.
  • Milton also believe in his product and execution. He say that when people have a perceived million dollar idea, it is either that you are the smartest guy around, or the idea has been around for a while and people have thought about it and most likely executed it somewhere.
  • Milton is a very persistent man. It took him 5 years of product development before they finally get funded recently, where he could finally move on the marketing and expansion.
  • My respect for Milton have just increase again after hearing that he persisted for 5 years, 2003-2008 before he got his first round of investment. He must really believe in his solution, it’s passion meets reality.

N-Chat With Kenny

  • Had lunch with Kenny, one of my block mate back in B Block Kent Ridge Hall, also the founder of Silvers Solution. Because of the nature of the business, I think the website is not necessary, which explains why I can’t find their site sadly. Silver Solution provides new innovative products catering to the needs of the aging population, like wheelchairs and walking sticks.
  • Had a great chat with Kenny and good to know that he is supportive of what I am doing and will be willing to help should we need any funding and willing to share some contacts to VCs. =)
  • Kenny shared that he has a hypothesis about NOC. Although there are many success cases and many companies are founded by NOC alumni, it is not the programme which makes it successful, rather, it is in the gene of the participants who went for the programme, that they are born in a family with entrepreneurial background. Interesting food for thought.
  • Shared a bit too much with Kenny. Could be a good or bad thing.
  • Kenny also advised that I should spend time thinking about what to do and how to pivot if the project that I am working now doesn’t work out. And that the most critical problem that I have to face is the reception of the idea amongst Singaporean, which was exactly what Vincent told me when i met him last week. Validation of market.
  • Looking forward to partnering with him. =)

Anything to say to me?

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