In case you don’t know about this app that allows you to have your own name card, let me introduce you to Cardflick. Cardflick aims to create a digital business card for your phone.

We built CardFlick because we wanted to put the people back in contact sharing. Too many other services focus only on the data, losing the personal brand and experience that comes with handing someone a business card. We want to turn that around, and bring everything awesome about business cards to the ease and power of digital sharing.

See how it works:

Interestingly, the beautiful app lets people “flick” their contact details between phones, with all the information stored in the cloud. What’s more, once you’ve accepted someone’s contact request, you can call or email them directly from the app, without having to search your phonebook, according to thenextweb although I haven have the opportunity to do so, simply because:

  1. There are no card flickers around me
  2. I tried this with 2 of my friends just now and the app still could not detect users nearby, and I could not flick my business card to them.

Cardflick should probably fix this, although they just rolled out their update version 1.02 but users like me are still facing some problem with an app. Maybe Cardflick is trying a bit too hard to roll out Cardflick into the market. If they could get the app fix, this is gonna digitize the whole business card model. Awesome stuff.

Cardflick is currently number 28 in the itunes app store for free social networking apps. This puts up above okCupid, Blogger, and other companies many times their size, according to their Facebook page update yesterday, and according to the same source, it says:

CardFlick just hit 20k users! To celebrate, we’re keeping the app free another week! Thank you all!

So go and download the free app before they start monetizing it and start flicking with me! =)


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